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Medical Emergency and Urgent Estate Planning


Simply put, estate planning is often in the back of our minds and delayed. Medical treatment may not be handled in a suitable manner to your wishes if you face an unexpected medical emergency, such as a car accident, aggressive cancer, stroke, or upcoming surgery. An estate plan will protect your family and ensure your wishes are carried out in the manner you prescribe.


Medical emergencies can happen at any time and at any place. We often receive calls from individuals expressing a need to have an estate plan drafted quickly, often by the next day. Expedient estate planning can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Often, we will meet with a client after hours at their location to work on their urgent estate plan.


If you are facing a medical emergency, crisis situation or otherwise need to have an estate plan implemented quickly, feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail at any time.


The Proy Law Firm can help you with the following medical emergency and urgent estate planning matters:

- Asset Protection

- Irrevocable Trusts

    - Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (also referred to as a "ILITs")

    - Special Needs Trusts (also referred to as "SNTs")

- Revocable Trusts (also referred to as "Living Trusts")

- Living Wills (also referred to as "Advance Directives" or "Declarations")

- Powers of Attorney

- Durable Financial Power of Attorney

- Power of Attorney for Medical Care

- Titling Houses and Other Real Property (often "Life Estate Deeds")

- Wills and Codicils


Miscellaneous Estate Planning Topics:

- Maryland Vehicle Beneficiary Designations

- Maryland Laws of Intestacy and Intestate Succession



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