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Business Contracts and Leases


Baltimore Carroll County Maryland Small Business Breach of Contract Lawyer AttorneyActing as general counsel to small businesses and entrepreneurs, the Proy Law Firm can take a bird's-eye view of your small business' contracts.  Also, if you are being sued for breach of contract, we may be able to help.  The Proy Law Firm can review and enhance your contracts to better protect you and your small business in the event of a breach of contract.  If you have a small business, you should have a small business lawyer who deals with business contracts on a daily basis.


Common Business Contract Mistakes:

(1) Many small business owners wait until they are sued for breach of contract or turned over to a collection agency until they look closely at their contracts.  The Proy Law Firm encourages clients to mail, fax or e-mail every contract for review before it is signed and executed.


(2) A misplaced comma, period or misspelling can cause serious problems if a contract dispute arises.  Properly handling business contracts requires a painstaking attention to detail.


The Proy Law Firm can help you with the following business contracts and leases:

- Asset Protection Planning

- Asset Purchase Agreements

- Contracts of Sale

- Employment Agreements

- Escrow Agreements

- Leases

- Non-Disclosure Agreements

- Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreements

- Partnership Agreements

- Review of Existing Contracts

- Settlement Agreements

- Software Licenses

- Stock Purchase Agreements

- Website Privacy Policies

- Website Terms and Conditions



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