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Client Testimonials


The following testimonials have been graciously provided by past and present clients:


"Nick was extremely honest, knowledgeable and straightforward in the area of LLC disputes. He provided us with sound advice and clear-cut strategies to resolve our legal woes. Nick was candid about various pit-falls in our operating agreement and recommended a sane path forward. Nick called within five minutes of our request. We will certainly keep Nick in mind for future legal advice and would recommend him to others."
Anonymous by Request


"Nicholas helped me find resolutions to some bad choices I made in my partnership. He didn't sugar coat anything which was useful because I knew what could happen if I made certain decisions. Would recommend."
- Anonymous by Request


"Nick was very helpful in answering all of my questions about copyright laws, and gave me the information I needed to proceed with my business. He also was personable & relate-able, and made my first experience with an attorney positive! I will be returning to Nick for future business-related legal advice, and matters including LLC & copyright registration."
- Anonymous by Request 


"Mr. Proy was a valuable asset in helping me close a transaction regarding the sale of one of my businesses. He is thorough in his approach, logical in his thinking, practical in his advice, calm under pressure and highly organized. He navigated  franchisee-to-franchisee transfer issues well, the complexities of the lease assignments and all the moving pieces that can derail business transactions. I highly recommend his services."
- M.H.


"Nick Proy is a professional lawyer. He was compassionate, kind and very knowledgeable. Nick really took care of the best interests of my family. I highly recommend Nick to anyone in need of an attorney. I can't thank him enough for his help during a difficult time for my family."
- E.P.


"Nick provided us with excellent service and advice throughout our entire estate planning/will process. Now that we are expecting our first child, he will continue to help us serve and plan around the needs of the family addition. I have also received extensive counsel for properly setting up and maintaining my small business. Without Nick, I'm sure I would have done something incorrect by now! I don't make many decisions these days before running it by him.
- M.C.


"Nick has been a valuable resource when it comes to advice. His expertise, patience and most of all his generosity with his time exceeds any expectations. I recommend the services of Proy Law Firm to anybody who needs an excellent, fair and experienced attorney."
- T.T.

"I'm so glad I found Nick! I needed legal services for both my business and personal life and Nick has been exceptional and extremely timely in both cases. From trademarking to wills, I can't think of anyone else I would ever call for all of our future legal counsel. My father was an attorney and I can speak for all the 'good guys' out there in law. They get a bad rap a lot of the time, but there ARE superb folks out there doing quick, honest work and Nick is one of them. When you have the need for legal counsel, you can't do better than the Proy Law Firm."
- M.C.

"As a [Maryland] District Court Commissioner, I frequently deal with criminal defendants - I never thought I would be one!  When someone maliciously filed criminal charges against me, I knew I needed to have great legal help.  Mr. Proy came to my rescue.  Not only did he listen to my story, but he also came out to the place of the incident and performed his own investigation.  Mr. Proy got the objectionable criminal charges dismissed.  I would recommend his services to anyone seeking competent legal help."
- Anonymous by request

"I contacted Nicholas Proy to help with some initial discussions regarding starting a business. I needed to decide on the structure of the business and any laws I needed to follow. I also had him review the lease on my retail space. He provided excellent advice, I believe saving me money in the long run. He also responded very quickly on all of my inquiries, even responding well before the time he had promised."
- C.M.

"I was extremely pleased to be referred to your services and to find that not only was the service respectful, of high caliber and more of a mission to provide counsel on the ideals of justice than a focus on fiscal income over outcome as often can be the result of trying to get services. A thorough knowledge of the law as well as the process was clearly apparent and minimal effort on my part to process information was required, taking me out of the middle. I would most certainly use your services again and have already made mention of you as a resource to others - if they should proceed to legal representation - as a wonderful resource. Thank again for your support and efforts on my behalf."
- Anonymous by request

"Nick has helped me with a few things in the past, and I'm using his services again for filing a service mark for my company.  I've had plenty of questions and concerns, but Nick always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is crystal clear.  Couldn't ask for better service."
- J.P.

"Nick Proy is a great resource and everything you will want in an attorney.  First of all, whenever possible, Nick answers the phone himself; you won't have to maneuver an impersonal voicemail system or fight you way past some assistant whose job, it seems, is to keep you from talking to your lawyer.  Most importantly, however, Nick knows the law and how it should be applied in the matters of concern to his clients.  Nick is my first call on all things legal!!"
- J.C.

"I had tax issues that came up this past spring.  I contacted Nick, and explained the situation.  I gave all of the information Nick requested and I was to worry [no more].  A few hours later he had my problems resolved."
- A.R.

"I needed a new power of attorney drafted because my previous one was insufficient.  Mr. Proy advised me on how to best proceed with a separate durable financial power of attorney and a durable power of attorney for health care.  Understanding that I have a difficult time with mobility, he came to my residence and notarized the documents for me.  I am glad to call him "my attorney."
- P.S.

"Proy Law was instrumental in helping my wife and I in a mediation over a recent real estate transaction.  We had purchased our primary residence in 2010 under the pretenses of the roof being professionally installed in 2007, however a leak developed shortly after the closing that was due to incorrect installation.  Attorney Nick Proy was extremely diligent, thorough and timely.  His efforts helped us recuperate the majority of our costs incurred from having the entire roof replaced.  If you desire legal counsel that will treat you like a family member, explain every step, and fight for the justice you deserve, then choose Proy Law."
- V.P.

"I have worked with Nick for the past year.  He has served as my legal counsel during the sale of [my company].  He drafted the sales agreement and followed through in every dimension of the transfer of ownership.  He also handled the subsequent payments by the buyer of loans held by the company.  In all of these actions Nick performed very well . . . On a personal note, Nick has been pleasant to work with.  He has always been prompt and courteous in all correspondence."
- R.M.

"I was involved in a car accident and the insurance company said it was my fault, despite my insistence that the other driver was at fault.  Nick sued the other driver and obtained a favorable settlement for me.  Nick didn't waste any time in handling this for me.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking a lawyer who responds to phone calls, doesn't waste time and fights for the little guy."
- L.B.

"I had an underage drinking citation from a mistake I made when I was younger.  I wanted to have this removed from my record . . . Nick acted quickly and responded to all of my phone calls and questions promptly.  Now I can rest easy at night knowing this mistake won't haunt me forever!  Thanks Nick!"
- Anonymous by request

"My car was totaled in an accident and knew I would need legal help to prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of me.  Nick immediately took charge of the situation.  Within a few weeks he managed to get my husband and I a settlement for my husband's personal injuries and above Blue Book value for my car that was totaled.  I am grateful to have him as my attorney!"
- K.P.

"I wanted to follow my lifelong dream of owning my own business and be my own boss.  The only problem was that I didn't know where to find a good lawyer who would be able to help me.  Then I came across Nick and the Proy Law Firm.  Not only did Nick help me set up my new business, he also have me good, practical advice that I would need as a new business owner.  Nick is a sharp, dedicated and patient person.  I had numerous questions and Nick answered every single one and would explain everything in detail until I fully understood what was going on.  I will definitely use his services in the future."
- J.W.

"When I was threatened with bodily harm I wanted to get a restraining order against the person who threatened me.  I didn't know who to call.  Mr. Proy came recommended to me through an acquaintance.  I was extremely happy with Nick's performance.  Not only did he drop everything to meet me at the courthouse to get the restraining order filed, but he also worked with me on payment for his services.  Hopefully I won't need a lawyer in the future, but if I do, I will definitely call the Proy Law Firm."
- Z.S.

Recommendations From Other Attorneys

"Nick Proy is an excellent attorney who is both aggressive and creative in his approach to problem-solving for clients.  I have had the pleasure of working with Nick on many cases, and highly recommend him to any entrepreneur seeking a knowledgeable lawyer.  He always gives 100% and takes pride in his profession."
- Matheau J.W. Stout, Esq.

"It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Mr. Nicholas Proy.  I have been able to get to know Mr. Proy over the course of the past year while he has assisted me with over twenty estate administration and probate matters throughout Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County.  Mr. Proy is a true professional - he is always responsive to letters and telephone calls and he truly cares about his clients.  I feel confident providing this recommendation for Mr. Proy to anyone [who is] seeking a responsive, caring and passionate attorney."
- Leonard A. Briscoe, Esq.

"As an attorney who focuses my law practice (estate planning and business) I often have clients that need assistance in matters outside of my areas of expertise . . . I have recommended a couple of my clients to Nick for help, and he handled both matters quickly and efficiently. I plan to use Nick for many future client referrals and highly recommend his practice."
- Kathleen Rus, Esq.

Past results are not a guarantee of future results.  Your case, although seemingly similar, may differ from cases in which testimonials have been provided.  All results from all cases have not been provided, rather, only testimonials from clients wishing to provide a testimonial have been used.  Each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits.



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