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Proy Law Firm Practice Areas and Legal Issues

       ARRL Volunteer Counsel Ham Radio Lawyer


       Asset Protection


       Business Contracts


       Business Formation

           Maryland Corporations

           Maryland Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

           Maryland Partnerships 

           Maryland Sole Proprietorships 


       Computer and Technology Law, Legal IT and IT Law


       Estate Administration and Probate

           Maryland Intestate Will


       Small Business and Entrepreneur Law


       Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

            Maryland Intestate Will

           Family Limited Liability Companies (Family LLCs)

          Powers of Attorney 

            Living Wills (also referred to as "Advance Directives" or "Declarations" 

            Wills and Codicils 

           Maryland Vehicle Beneficiary Designations

           Life Estate Deeds

           Revocable Trusts (also referred to as "Living Trusts") 

            Irrevocable Trusts

              Special Needs Trusts (also referred to as "SNTs")

              Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (also referred to as "ILITs") 

           Medical Emergency and Urgent Estate Planning







       Essential Technology Every New Solo Lawyer Needs

       Maryland Intestate Will     

       Thinking of Living Together Before Marriage? Don't Forget These 

       Tools, Tips and Gadgets to Improve Productivity

       Trademarks and Service Marks for the Small Business Owner





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